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DreamHaus Design offers staging that transforms your home into a space that buyers can see themselves living in when they walk through the door. We carefully curate to make each space invite and flow naturally, accentuating the positive aspects of the home and helping make sense of spaces that are awkward or hard to visualize. We can't count the number of times our clients have told us they want to "move back in" after seeing their home staged.

DreamHaus Design is committed to providing our clients with the finest home staging consultation service available in the Portland area. We promise to:

  • Offer personalized services tailored to your property's individual needs

  • Deliver superior service at competitive prices

  • Treat our clients with respect, honesty, and integrity


There are several reasons that home staging or redesign is a valuable, profitable, and essential step to take when marketing a home for sale. 

As a professional home stager, I style homes, both inside and out, in a way that is esthetically pleasing to a wide variety of potential buyers.  I want to entice them to put this home on the shortlist of those they want to see in person.

The home buying process is largely emotional.  A buyer


wants to fall in love with their new home.  While it also is about price and location, the tipping point is their emotional connection to it.   As a professional home stager, I accomplish this by balancing comfort with spaciousness and by emphasizing a focal point in each room.  I demonstrate the intended purpose of each room and present it in such a way that potential buyer can envision their own furniture, pictures, or belongings fitting perfectly.   Buyers often do not have “vision” so it’s my goal to let them “see” all this home has to offer.  The outside needs to be inviting with curb appeal.  The inside needs to be clean, spacious, and full of potential.

With a properly priced home that has been professionally staged there will be more potential buyers walking through the home.  The more potential buyers that view a home, the more likely the seller is to receive a full-price offer or even multiple offers.   According to the National Association of Realtors, staging home results in a 1-5% higher sales price. (


As a professional home stager, I want to help the seller navigate through the “preparing your home for sale” stage.  Without the emotional attachment to the memories of the home, I can view it as a potential buyer would.  This enables me to make suggestions for changes to get the home ready for photos, open houses, or other marketing opportunities.  My goal is to help the seller or listing agent highlight the beauty of a house in such a way that a potential buyer will see it as their future home.

Our mission is to help savvy Portland homeowners sell their homes by curating fresh & artful home staging that allows any home style to truly shine. Designed for all, tailored for you.

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